Sunday, February 5, 2012

Books Obsession: a Continuation

Last March, as my stay in Baltimore was reaching an end, my roommate at the time (one ms. Laura Eng) and I had a dual exhibition at a tiny gallery in the derelict art valley of Baltimore. She makes models of imagined spaces in hollowed out computers, and just as an exercise I asked her if I could draw scenes in her spaces. She said yes, and so I started developing an idea. The way I like to describe it is, if what she makes are miniature film sets, I draw stills from the films that would be set there. To complete them, and bringing it back to the concept of a single image telling a whole story (or at least indicating a whole story), I housed the images inside of small book covers I made. The show itself was mainly set up on 3 massive bookshelves that were in the space, which I don't have images of (bad move, me), but I do have images of the drawing that went into the books, as well as pictures of the final pieces.
And it goes a little somethin' like this:

Nickel-Plated 8mm

The Manager




The Repertory Company

Marvin vs. the Machine

Sally Sherman and the Unbelievable Everything

The Year of the Avarice

Man! Books, am I right? So cool.

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