Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hey! I'm back! (part five)

And finally, I've been doing some lino-cuts (linoleum block prints), so here are a few of them!

And now we are all caught up! Life is an exciting place.

Hey! I'm back! (part four)

This one's for my brother. Finally, some Better Angels sketches.

They're pretty sparse, and they don't really accomplish much, but these I guess are just my notes on the main character and the old man in the bar. Masks optional?

Hey! I'm back! (part three)

I've been doing a series I'm calling
Scenes From a Bad Life.
Here are a few of my favorite scenes.

This is kind of a set. The window in the first image is cut out, so you turn the page, and then...

Woah! What's going on there!

Those sre some more complete things. Woo! This is fun! Right?!

Hey! I'm back! (part two)

Now for the sketches made between May and December. There are quite a few!

Here are some people I made up! There's a man who will never get a date. He has those dainty hands and feet. What a shame. There are also some fat ladies being affected by gravity! That's what you call science. Anyway there's also a lady who is as sassy as she is done in red ball-point. So very.

There's also the White Trash Princess. She's fun.

The woman here is Darla. She may be the white trash princess' mother, who knows. The man is some dandy. You know how that goes.

This girl, I think she speaks for herself.

Those are the sketches! Ok?

Hey! I'm back! (part one)

Wow, I've finally gotten around to setting up my scanner, so, oh man, I have some stuff to show you. Here we go. Full force.
For those of you who remember the Creep (read: me) there is some stuff coming up. Stuff like this:
And like this:
And even like this:
The third Creep is FORTHCOMING. So...Look out...or something.