Thursday, July 5, 2012

Disapproving Moon

There are nights when I get bored and do absolutely nothing. Then there are nights when I get bored and something dumb falls out of my brain and I obsess over it for hours until I have it just the way I want it. So it was with Disapproving Moon.

The moon can totally see what you're doing, and it just wants you to know: gross, dude. Seriously? Come on. Ew.

I Love it When My Friends Have Birthdays.

Very recently my dear friend and roommate celebrated his birthday. Dude's a big fan of the x-men, one member in particular, so what do I do? Well, here, allow me to show, rather than tell.

This is the front, center, and back of the card I made for him. Is one of my favorite activities drawing hilariously effete/sexualized versions of men my friends and loved ones admire as gifts for them? Yes. I think I can answer yes to that with a fair amount of confidence.