Monday, February 16, 2009

Get Prepared for Some Weirdness

Here's a thing; I had a kooky idea for a collaborative project for the Militant Illustrators' Association, which is now underway. It goes like this. I asked everyone if they wanted to take part in a pass-around comic kind of thing, and assembled a list of 13 participants. I doubled that number, and now we have the number of pages: 26. So, I did pages 1 and 26, and sent it along. Laura Vaughn, who I tagged to go next, will do pages 2 and 25, tag someone else, and so on until the middle. Crazy, right?

Well here they are, my contributions:

Page 1:

And page 26:

If you wanna keep up with the story as it progresses towards its triumphant middle, you can find it here. That is a subpage of our club website.

Also, here's a little taste of my senior project, written by my very own brother, Nick Cragoe, etched and watercolored by me:

I'm not convinced I like the colored speech bubble. It's subject to change.

That's the first page of the second chapter, so don't feel bad if you don't understand what's happening.

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